WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 7: Final Ending)




  • At the tavern, speak with the stranger in dark cloth.
  • Light up his cigarette with your lighter.
  • Discuss and mention about Baby Hitler.
  • Show the photo.
  • The stranger will give you the tavern's password (707-8008), and a playing card. (Ace of Heart)
  • Go to the entrance.
  • Discuss with the lady. If you give her the password, she gives you a coin. You can then return any time to get one coin if you run out (a coin is necessary to solve the next part.).
  • Enter the password on the robot to open the door to the tavern.
  • Go to the phone booth.
  • Enter the tavern's password (707-8008) as the phone number.
  • Ask the bartender to talk to Dick Ruber.
  • The bodyguard will be on the phone. Ask him to hold.
  • Give the phone to Yupa, to ask him to keep the bodyguard on the phone.
  • Go to Dick Ruber's table.
  • Challenge Dick Ruber to a card game.
  • When presented with the cards, use your ace of heart from your inventory on your card, to switch it.
  • Dick Ruber will get angry after seeing that card.
  • Immediately after that scene, he will try to take out his gun and shoot you. Shoot him and the bodyguard on the right quickly. The third bodyguard will run away.
  • Next, you will have to deal with the rest of Dick Ruber's game.
  • Shoot all enemies to prevent them to keep shooting you. You're still fine if you run out of bullet, the enemies eventually go away to give way to the boss.
  • Defeat the boss with punches or shooting.
  • Then enjoy the ending.


  • When facing Dick Ruber and his bodyguard, shoot them both without missing a shot, and without wasting any extra bullet. (Two shots only).

Dev notes:

That is it, we've reached the end at last! So originally, I was just planning to have a shootout sequence once we reach the tavern, but I felt something would be missing. So you do get a bit of puzzle, just mainly using the phone to call the tavern and get the bodyguard away from the scene. I designed the sequence with spaghetti westerns in mind, in particular "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".

There was more that I planned to add, in particular some more interactions with the bartender or perhaps the musicians. I think that would have been nice, but everything is extra work and I was a little beat at that point. The main reason for the extra interactions would have been to allow the player to collect extra bullets / money. I just didn't want the player to be stuck, since you could waste all your money on the phone, and in the shootout sequence you could end up with no bullet. At the end, I opted to provide extra coin through the smoking lady, and have the shootout be interrupted by a boss fight. That was much simpler.

Anyway, there was a real need to reach the end piece and the big revelation. I thought it'd be funny to show that Yupa completely misidentified Baby Hitler, since he's not human. The same way you wouldn't be able to tell two monkeys apart since you're human.

The ending might have feel rushed, but to me it was more overdue than anything. The thing is, the game would have ended at the escape from the alien base, if it wasn't for having "Baby Hitler" in the title. While I did plan the whole escape from base as part of the Baby Hitler storyline, I thought it would be weird if the game ended outside the alien base without ever revealing Baby Hitler. That's why the game got stretched until you found Baby Hitler at the last minute, just like Luke Skywalker in The Force Awakens.

I hope you enjoyed the game. I'll try to make more various games, and continue the Baby Hitler storyline. As you might have noticed from the last two installments, I really like to vary gameplays, so next one might be completely different. However, I will make sure they're all part of a cohesive epic story!

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