WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 1: The Cage)




  • Grab photo and bottle.
  • Look at the writing on the right wall.
  • Talk to the guard about your birthday.
  • After the cut scene, look around the room and grab all items on the floor (lighter, piece of cake, cake fork).
  • Use the cake fork on the tile.
  • Grab the gun.
  • Turn to the guards.
  • In quick succession, shoot the lamp and both guards.
  • Use lighter to turn on the light.
  • Use cake on lock.
  • Use lighter on lock.

Death scenes:

  • If you eat the cake, you die by Alien.

Creator notes:

This is the first section of the game. I just imagined it would be cool to have a puzzle where you only rely on the gun for it to get solved, as in the first Baby Hitler game, you pretty much only used your gun.

I do like point-and-click adventure games and I got inspired mostly by the 90's adventure games from LucasArt. I try to not make every puzzle be "using an item on something". Also, the solution should make sense in the reality of the world, rather than having puzzles looked like someone designed a game on purpose for you to go through, like you would find a most escape room. I guess it'd be an open question as to why you would find a loaded gun within a jail cell. Well given that you're a professional hitman, it'd make sense that you would try to hide a weapon and plan some kind of escape. But somewhere along the way, you lost your memory (perhaps due to the beating the guards constantly unleashed on you), so things got a bit more complicated.

Anyway, hope you enjoy that first part. I'll post the solution to the maze sometimes during the week.


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