WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 4: Doctor Sarlie)




  • Talk to Yupa, and ask to get a drink.
  • Grab the drink provided by Alectra.
  • You will end up going to a new planet.
  • Go to the right until you reach Doctor Sarlie's clinic.
  • You can discussing until you're done, and sitting on the bench.
  • You can go to the mirror and shave.  This part only affects your look for the rest of the game.
  • Once you're done shaving, discuss with Yupa and the doctor at the door.
  • Tell them you do want to find Baby Hitler. Then you'll be on your way out.


  • You can get the first ending, if you tell Yupa and doctor Sarlie that you do not want to find Baby Hitler. You also have to insist, because they are going to dissuade you by first bringing you back once to life. If you keep refusing, they will let you die and you unlock the NOBLE ENDING.

Dev notes:

This is the mid section of the game. I didn't want to put the player through a series of dungeon crawling this time. In fact, I was thinking I was pretty much done with dungeon crawling, and perhaps we should focus a bit less on puzzles and more on storyline. That's why you're pretty much guaranteed to reach the next section from here. You do have a choice to die and unlock one ending, and the other choice is to just continue on the island.

In this part, I used the music "La soupe aux choux", which was the same music used for the SPACE ENDING of Kill Baby Hitler. It was a fun "fake out", since you might expect the end of the game if you hear that music. It was also a nice throwback at the previous game.

Another noteworthy addition is the Alectra robot, which can not only answer you but also produce drinks for you! (If Alexa evolves to that point, I'll finally find it useful!). I also mentioned some of my favorite drinks in there. Sparkling Cidah, and of course, the one and only, RAMUNE! Those who know Ramune will understand the inside joke about that damn bottle being so hard to open...

I think the mid sections of the game (so this section and the next in the walkthrough) were my favorite to implement. It's probably no coincidence that those are the sections focused solely on storyline and not gameplay. In fact, I knew I had to reintroduce some gameplay for the final part and was dreading that moment! Anyway, this was a great section for me because I got to elaborate on the Baby Hitler story, and do some animation. There's also that shocking revelation (which isn't actually a revelation if you think about it), that our hitman was responsible for the death of 7 billion people! (worst than Thanos in Infinity War). Yet, it's not something people really think about. In the Back to the Future series, Marty must have caused the death of countless lives, by changing the universe constantly. Yet, it doesn't seem that impactful when we think about that in the context of time travel.

Gotta say, I do love sci-fi, and stories around time travel. In fact, while working on Baby Hitler, I somehow dreamed of some time travel story in which traveling back in time had pretty sad consequences! It was so cool that I decided I will make a game out of it... maybe... someday... to be honest, my list of games to do keep growing, so I'm not sure I'll ever get to that.

Well, that's it with all my rambling. Next section is pretty sweet, we'll get to meet a new character!

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