WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 3: Exit the alien base)




At this point, you should have gotten Yupa. You go up the stairs and end up in the purple corridor.

There, you find only one enemy: That dreaded FEMBOT! No matter how much you shoot, she won't go down.

  • During a battle, take out the gun and point at the fembot. She transforms into an indestructible ball.
  • Put the gun back into the bag and immediately kick the ball (just attack). She will fall into the hole.

Then the path is clear. You can go down the hole, but you'll fall to your death.

  • Use the rope on the broken ladder.
  • Go down.
  • Go forward to the exit and open it using the access card, but don't go out.
  • Turn back towards Yupa.
  • Talk to Yupa about his super powers.
  • Give an empty bottle to Yupa, and insist that he liquifies and goes inside.
  • Keep walking forward towards the lab.
  • Put the bottle in the lab hole.
  • Ask Yupa to open the door.
  • Go inside the lab.
  • Shoot the glass with your gun.
  • As soon as the monster drops out, quickly turn back and go up the ceiling hole.
  • Look down the ceiling hole. Wait until the monster passes the rope.
  • Go down to the exit.
  • Go out and continue down to the space saucer.

What if I screwed up?

  • In case you didn't open the front door before unleashing the creature, don't worry all is not lost:
  • After you go up the hole and look down, you'll notice the monster will keep going left and right pass the hole.
  • Just wait until the monster goes to the right side of the hole.
  • At that moment, you don't have much time. Go down the rope, go towards the front door and open it.
  • Go back to the ceiling hole and quickly go up. Then look down and wait for the pink monster to pass the hole. You can now go out.


  • Jump down the hole without a rope to get a deadly landing.
  • After putting Yupa in a bottle, drink that bottle to create a Yupa mess!
  • Nonchalantly go out of the base without freeing the lab monster, in the middle of the guards.

Dev notes:

Finally we're out of the dungeon. I was quite relieved to finish this section, and decided the game would not have anymore convoluted mazes. I kinda wanted to focus the rest of the game on storyline, and actually go towards finding baby hitler!

I had this idea of a robot that you couldn't defeat except by kicking it when it's in ball form. Later I decided to turn it into a Fembot because it would make sense if the robot is very flexible to turn into a ball.

Then there's the whole deal with Yupa. I just thought of the puzzle, and also the fact that Yupa being an alien, it should have some kind of interesting power. I then thought that having Yupa in a bottle, the obvious thing to do is allowing the player to drink it! The weird animation afterwards was a bit difficult. I was thinking of something cooler in my mind, but things got confusing. At the end, I just made that weird mess that ended up in the game, with a soundtrack practically produced at random.

Well, nothing much else to talk about. That section was pretty short, but had some difficult puzzles. Hope you made out of it ok!

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