WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 6: Westrow X33)




  • You first need to go through an asteroid field. Try to dodge all asteroids, and don't use the missiles constantly or you might run out.
  • Arrived on Westrow X33, you first have to go through a large 3D open world. Pick up fruits and use bottles in the fountain to replenish.
  • Talk to the nomads, ask them which direction you're facing.
  • Use the signs to figure out how far is the tavern and which direction to go.
  • Use the compass to figure out the direction if you have it. Otherwise, after talking with several nomads, you might be able to guess that the moon is facing directly south.
  • Keep following the signs. When the grass gets greener, it means you arrived at the tavern.


  • This is the area where you can find the most obscure ending. By talking, you might get the hint, but so far I think nobody is able to reach that ending on their own. Basically, you have to go towards the moon, constantly, until it gets VERY BIG. That ending is completely without dialog. I'll just let you watch it. It's called the CREATOR ENDING.

Dev notes:

I had a lot of trouble implementing this area. I was debating for a while on how I would make it, and was thinking of reusing the dungeon crawling engine, but given that it's an open world it was impractical. Instead I developed a semi 3d engine, with a crummy implementation where I can't even put objects in the correct z-order. So yeah, objects faraway sometimes show in front of closer objects. It's a known issue and fixing that would require reimplementing that section. Can't be bothered!

I found the asteroid field mini-game quite enjoyable to make. I wanted a difficult challenge if you don't get any upgrade, but fairly comfortable with one or two ship upgrades. As I was playing, trying to judge the difficulty of that section, I thought it was pretty fun to play. The asteroids are drawn by layering geometric shapes and layering them.

The next part is a bit more fun, but the end of the game is usually the last part I implement, and by that time I'm usually kinda beat and eager to finish. Hopefully you'll find it fun to play!

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