WALKTHROUGH: WISI Baby Hitler (section 5: The Shopkeeper)




  • After you come out of Doctor Sarlie's office, talk with Pedro.
  • Tell Pedro you'd like to go to Ecsta City.
  • Go to the shop on the left.
  • You can spend all your coins on the Slot machine. The game is designed to let you win the first time you spend all your coins. Afterwards it's random.
  • Talk with the shopkeeper.
  • Give her the photo. After the conversation, you will know that you need to get a warp drive to travel to the next planet.
  • You have two choices to go there. Either give your Ecsta City tickets to the shopkeeper (make sure to shop before that).
  • Or, you try to purchase the Warp Drive at 1000 coins. You probably don't have enough, so you'd have to travel to Ecsta City. You can first sell one ticket to the shopkeeper, then go back to Pedro and show him your ticket. You can spend 2 nights, 3 nights or 1 week in Ectsa City. Respectively, it will give you the option to earn 1000, 1200 or 2000 coins at a cost of your attack, defense, and max life. (1/1/10, 2/2/20, 50%/50%/50%).
  • You can buy things at the shop with the money earned from Ecsta City. At the very least, you should get a hook or a super glove to replace your missing left hand. The ship laser and shields are only useful for the asteroid part, but the laser does look pretty cool. You can buy a compass, which is useful in the later sections. You do need at least 1000 for the warp drive.
  • Once you got the warp drive, you're off to Westrow, the next planet.


  • This is where you get the second ending. When dealing with the shopkeeper, show her the tickets, and ask her on a date. Don't mention the warp drive or about being horny or you'll ruin your chances. Just say nice things, and you'll get your date! During the date part, you can just relax and enjoy. No matter your choices, you'll reach the REBORN ENDING.
  • You can get the warp drive without spending any money. After she talked about the warp drive, just point the gun at the shopkeeper. Ask her for the warp drive. You also have the option to shoot her but it's not necessary. Next part, you'll end up in space, but instead of reaching your destination, you'll end up SWALLOWED in the belly of the beast!

Dev notes:

I'm a bit bumped out that I didn't get to implement the whole Ecsta City section, though it was always planned as an optional part for the game. It was supposed to be a place with minigames to earn money at the cost of health. At the end, I thought it might not be worth the time. I did want to start working on new projects, and this one was keeping me busy. So I just made a simple option to exchange life for money. The logic behind losing abilities while you're in Ecsta City, is the fact that you're spending time partying instead of looking for Baby Hitler, so the universe thinks you don't care and starts to erase part of you from existence.

The good part of this section is that shopkeeper section. At first, I didn't really plan an elaborate story behind the shopkeeper, who was originally an old man. I thought I'll switch to an alien lady, mainly because I thought my game lacked women. Along the way, I thought she looked kinda pretty even in pixel art, and suddenly decided to make a new ending, by letting the player ask her for a date. I put some effort in trying to make her reaction seem real: First a bit surprised and confused, then mentioning about Tammy Slow peaks her interest, then after a long pause of hesitation, she decides to take a chance. (The name Tammy Slow was purposefully picked for that lame joke about Taylor Swift, I'm embarrassed to say).

In the date part, you get to go to the concert. I wanted to make the concert look pretty nice, but I didn't put any effort in the music. In fact, a little part of me wanted for the song to be bad, to maybe show that she has crummy taste or something like that. Of course, you can't judge given the fact that the real sound cannot be heard from human ears.

The next part is nicer, I use the lullaby song from the previous Baby Hitler game there, and show Amari (the shopkeeper) in a nice dress, drinking tea or coffee. You can say whatever you like, just relax and be yourself. (how a real date should be like!). Then during the next sequence, you say "I'll spend the rest of my life by her side". This has double meaning: You want to spend the rest of your life with her, and also you know your life is about to be cut very short and you'll be with her by the time you're gone. You might be wondering why you disappear completely at that point. The logic is not based on time, but just the fact that you gave up on looking for Baby Hitler, and chose to be with Amari, so the universe can remove you.

The end is very dorky, showing Baby Hitman with the beard exactly as you shaved it in the previous section (That's right, we kept your customized shaved beard throughout the rest of the game!). The ending music is a cover of a french song I really love. "Elle a fait un bébé toute seule" de Jean-Jacques Goldman (translates to "She made a baby by herself!").

Anyway, that's my favorite ending. Well, if you decide, instead you can point the gun at her and shoot her. Tell me, which game lets you choose between dating and killing your love interest?!

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