If you could travel back in time, what would you do? Would you kill Baby Hitler?

Some people recently answered that question. Ben Shapiro deems it immoral, Jeb Bush says: "Hell yeah!", and Tom Hanks is ready to vote for it! But when face with the reality of this moral dilemma, can you actually do it? Are you man enough to Kill Baby Hitler?

Produced for Really Retro Game Jam, this simple retro style game has outstanding graphics at 64p resolution and 4 colors. You will be part on an epic adventure, where you will travel back to 1889, and kill baby hitler. Yeah, that's it.

EDIT: Added sound and new secret endings. The game is complete, fully tested, and ready to launch. Enjoy!

SPOILERS: If you're really stuck, read the solution in this post-mortem.

Development log


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2 endings can you add a ending that you dont shoot when you return to 2019 you shoot the guy who kills you in the 2nd ending

Played to get all the endings. Enjoyed it :) 

That's a lot of game jam entries

And it's 64x64! That's just impressive!

Thanks. Wish me luck! I'm trying to make the sequel for https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam-2019

Very interesting game. My ending was not killing him and being killed lol

Decisions decisions. I loved it! Made a video on it I hope you don't mind!

Thanks, I liked your commentaries. This game is more of a test of morality, and there's no real right and wrong answers, but just different consequences to what you do. There are a few more endings possible though, in case you're interested...

M pleasue Jack, i saw there were different endings and will go back and try out some of the others. Great game, thanks again

interesting game, its more like a quick clicker game.

Rho... I lost !

Great little game!