If you could travel back in time, what would you do? Would you kill Baby Hitler?

Some people recently answered that question. Ben Shapiro deems it immoral, Jeb Bush says: "Hell yeah!", and Tom Hanks is ready to vote for it! But when face with the reality of this moral dilemma, can you actually do it? Are you man enough to Kill Baby Hitler?

Produced for Really Retro Game Jam, this simple retro style game has outstanding graphics at 64p resolution and 4 colors. You will be part on an epic adventure, where you will travel back to 1889, and kill baby hitler. Yeah, that's it.

EDIT: Added sound and new secret endings. The game is complete, fully tested, and ready to launch. Enjoy!

SPOILERS: If you're really stuck, read the solution in this post-mortem.

Do you enjoy this game? Don't miss the sequel! Link below:

Sequel to "Kill Baby Hitler"

Development log


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Good game :)





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ngl i think in in terms of morality. there is no question. to look at even one of the horrors brought on under hitler's rule is enough, imo, to shoot even an innocent baby version of him right in the face to prevent it. the thing that gets interesting is the logistics - because 1) as it's shown here. it's not a binary choice - i've always found the utilitarian view to be lacking in consideration for human imagination and hope - (what if there's a better option that maximises everyone's happiness? what if there's a better way through everything?) and 2) the unknown quality of time itself - does the butterfly effect in turn mean that you are killing everyone in one reality? In that case, isn't it a sacrifice on a much larger scale, including some of his direct victims - and is it better to have lived horribly or to never have lived at all? is it right that they get no say in this? is it just another form of genocide to wipe out an entire potential reality of existence to give birth to a new reality? can you be selfish and live a whole life yourself before going back and shooting him? how do timelines work? are you establishing a new timeline or wiping the original from existence? what is the nature of the conciousness? what if you are you but drastically different in some large way? would you... still be you? if the circumstances around what you are is entirely different? who would have gone back to do the shooting then? what even makes something that is living... alive? and yada yada yada 

but really, if the choice absolutely came down to a clear cut morality choice of: shoot the cute tiny baby who will become dictator or live with the horrors you have allowed, with no possible option for education or change or *the other ways to make people vanish*, and the cosequences were straightforward and without those ripples of other sacrifices in a way that time travel rarely allows. (an entirely unrealistic image and totally not the question explored here in this game, i get it) it would simply be irresponsible not to pull the trigger - it's not a death penalty because the reasoning isn't punishment post-event (& ofc government sanctioned killing is always a bad idea but is this that? what kinds of power does this agency have? another whole tangled mess of issues, really), it's really kind of more of an act of self defence drawn out across many years with the intended path of aggression traced for you via reality. but imo to feign at morality by saying you wouldn't - i mean. how many other innocent babies were victims of his rule? why is he allowed more empathy - because his name and his face were recorded in history?

then again, i'm a huuuge bitch and i've had a weird day rn and i love to rant on and on about the impossibilities of time travel and predetermined destiny. and who knows if i'll grow to change my opinion based on new information? not to mention i haven't even found the space ending yet


It is a hard moral decision. For some the choice is obvious, for others not.

(perhaps you might be satisfied with the space ending. There's also a sequel of this game based on that ending).


I really liked this game than unlike those people you were talking about you gave four options and questioned our morals and our rationality. So what i would've done is for me an easy answer. (If i would be the only one requested to kill baby Hitler):


I wouldn't accept the gun either. 




great game, whatever u choose u still die because of like idk maybe someone killed by hitler would have had to kill ur mother before u were born g r e a t game

Actually, there are two endings where you survive.

wait really? imma just play the game untill i get to survive

spoiler: i didnt get to survive

Yeah, I thought it was obvious this game had 4 endings. If you get tired of it, you can look at the solution in the "Dev log".

If not... well good luck. One of the ending was originally thought as an easter egg, so it's kinda hard to reach.

ill try hardly to reach them without google

i found one of the endings where u live, u just have to go to the toilet when he gives u the gun then come back to the ending starting lol

great game! thanks for linking the post-mortem stuff for endings, bc getting the pink one was hard for me lol.


to tell the truth if this any way real and i had a mission to go in the past and kill hitler i wouldnt becuase i really dont think he was a bad guy he was a kid beated and abused by his dad a kid who had dreams to be a artist but instead got rejected and turned homeless a kid whos  ethnicity is german and germany lost a great war a kid who wanted to get glory for his country but failed nobody would kill a kid who will soon get theyre dreams fail and life goes downhill hitler loved germany he even fought in WW1 as  a german myself i am in love with my country just like hitler so i infact would not kill hitler im sorry i just cant.

i woudnl't either  i don't wanna change the future


"I don't think he was a bad guy" He's responsible for like 11 million deaths dude. Plenty of abused and homeless people who don't wind up killing millions of people, so that's not an excuse for Actual Genocide.

The ethical dilemma here is can we hold someone accountable for actions they have not yet committed? The only way we would be able to even consider this is if time travel is possible, but that brings in the question of how time works, which is a whole other topic I don't feel like getting into rn. So for argument's sake, time travel is possible, and what you do in the past has a ripple of consequences in the future.

If we regard the events of Hitler's life as static, then killing him as a baby makes sense because there is no way for him not to grow up and, y'know, become Hitler. Of course this also kinda throws a wrench in the idea of free will, but that's also not important rn bc once you're there, in 1889, you're not staring at Adolf Hitler, head of Nazi Germany, you're staring at an infant. Who's... an infant. A baby, hasn't done much yet, good or bad.

Is it justifiable to kill that baby because of the man he becomes?

(I'd argue if you can go back in time to kill a baby, you can also go back in time and teach the baby to not be a xenophobic asshole, but if the goal is kill Hitler while he's vulnerable, baby's a good time as any to do it.)

Personally, on the one hand if I was going to become a monster and someone came to me from the future I'd rather try and Not Do That instead of just being shot for Future Crimes... But on the other hand, Hitler and the Nazis are why several branches of my family tree are missing and I don't care how cute a baby is, if I know that baby will grow up to do that I'll pull the fucking trigger.

Fun fact: Hitler had a host of physical ailments in the last 15 years of his life and the healthcare he received was not only terrible, but so fantastically terrible that it actually gave him an even greater cocktail of problems. Think 5 hour energy vs Nyquil but on steroids (and with steroids lmao).

I still don't feel any sympathy for him. It's the least he deserved imo. But I'm aware that I'm coming from a biased position.

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Great insight. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 00:09 (The 1st Game)


I thought the game broke when the screen went black but nope all I had to do was click the screen


I thought that the fact that the mustache I drew on baby Hitler was still there in the next time travel was a glitch or something the creator forgot. Now I know it's fully intentional. 

how did you draw a mustache??? I only have the option for a gun!

there's a windowsill, on it is a marker. pick it up, equip it, and click on baby hitler to draw the mustache. hope this helps!


I love this game! The animation when the dude shoots you for failing is so well done!


why kill him? why not travel back in time to when he is say, 13, and bring easy yet undeniable proof that your from the future and tell him what happens. plus tell him that theres nothing wrong with the jews and stuff like that. you dont have to kill him

2 endings can you add a ending that you dont shoot when you return to 2019 you shoot the guy who kills you in the 2nd ending

Played to get all the endings. Enjoyed it :) 

That's a lot of game jam entries

And it's 64x64! That's just impressive!

Thanks. Wish me luck! I'm trying to make the sequel for https://itch.io/jam/lowrezjam-2019


Very interesting game. My ending was not killing him and being killed lol

Decisions decisions. I loved it! Made a video on it I hope you don't mind!

Thanks, I liked your commentaries. This game is more of a test of morality, and there's no real right and wrong answers, but just different consequences to what you do. There are a few more endings possible though, in case you're interested...

M pleasue Jack, i saw there were different endings and will go back and try out some of the others. Great game, thanks again

interesting game, its more like a quick clicker game.

Rho... I lost !

Great little game!