I made a short puzzle game with 6 levels that incorporate topdown view with some rhythm elements.

This was submitted for Secret Santa Jam for:

  • Charles "Early-bird" Xavier: Made it rhythm based for ya.
  • Lucas: Made it... huh... I guess difficult for ya.
  • Murilo (ThornDuck): Made it pixel-art. I also stick Z for Zelda in front of Guitar and that's the title of the game.

In this game, I tried to make a top-down pixel-art style game. The spike move along with the music tempo. The last few levels are really difficult, but you can past them if you move at the beat of the music, you can pass them.

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Note: If you want to unlock medals, the game is also available on Newgrounds:

Zitar on NewgroundsZitar on Newgrounds


Fun fact: I spent a stupid amount of time trying to adjust my frame rate so that it matches the beat of the song being played. Was it worth it?

(spoiler: no it was NOT!)

I found out later I could just dump my mp3 into https://vocalremover.org/key-bpm-finder and it calculates it for me.


zitar-win64.zip 157 MB
zitar-win32.zip 150 MB
zitar-mac.zip 157 MB
zitar-linux.zip 174 MB

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