You are a Power Troll.

You grant humans supernatural powers, whether they like it or not.

Do NOT get in contact with a human.


  • AWSD or arrows keys to move
  • SPACE to jump
  • P to pick up/throw items and power ups.

There are only 10 levels so far. I'm working on this!


This game is produced for

Completing 3 challenges:

  • Phaser: This game is built entirely using Phaser 3
  • Github: This game is open source on Github:
  • NPC: NPCs are implemented in a unique way.
    • Each NPC look is randomly generated.
    • The troll grants NPCs supernatural powers.
    • All NPC speeches are generated using OpenAI. They keep changing.
    • NPCs react to circumstances happening during the game.
    • NPCs speak with a random voice from Speech Synthesizer, and even use expressions from their native language.


Development Tools


Jack Le Hamster

On twitter:


Known bugs:

  • In level 6, the NPCs keep talking about pizza. I got the level number off by 1, they belong to level 7!
  • When a human has super strength and touches a rock, somehow other humans are also able to push it. Powers work in strange ways!
Updated 4 days ago
Published 25 days ago
AuthorJack Le Hamster
Made withPhaser, Aseprite
Tagsai-generated, Magic, npc, Puzzle-Platformer
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes

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It's good and strange


Power Troll!