Significant update!

Originally, I was planning to make this game as a sequel to "" and submit it for #LOWREZJAM.

I did manage to submit it for the jam, but since it wasn't complete enough to reach Baby Hitler, I kinda downplayed the fact that this is a sequel.

But now that the jam is over, I can keep working on this game and take it closer to the sequel it's meant to be. So I'm bringing a huge new update to this game.

  • New RETRO MODE with a nice updated retro game look!
  • New enemies to fight!
  • Cool new music
  • Save/Load game mode.
  • Mute option.
  • Level up your character.
  • New maps to the maze so you won't get lost.
  • New mini game.
  • etc, etc...

This is my first wave of update. The game is still, I would say 50% complete. I expect another update in a couple weeks and hopefully the game will be complete.

Play it here!

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Sep 14, 2019

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