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Dave's Dream II

Oozie's Quest

This game is part of #AdventureJam. VOTE FOR IT HERE.

This point-and-click adventure produced for #AdventureJam is the sequel to the MeatlyJam game Dave's Dream (http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/dave-s-dream/56688/).

After waking up from his dream, Dave got a brand new idea for an indie game. He starts to work on it, while being bugged by his friend Oozie. Unfortunately, Dave accidentally traps himself and his friend Oozie inside the game. Dave tries to fix the bug that prevents them from exiting the game, while Oozie ventures into Dave's game.

In this game, you control Oozie who's up to explore the strange video game world produced by Dave, looking for his bug.

Note that this game is playable but we are still working to improve it and finish it. This is first demo constitues ACT I of the game, and there should be one or two more acts.


  • Mouse to play
  • ESC opens the option menu

Options menu:

  • Toggle mute: Turn the sound on or off
  • Restart game: Reset the game and go back to the beginning
  • Restart level: Restart your last character's path without recording it
  • Hints: If you're stuck at a particular level, you can get a short hint.
  • Dialog logs: Don't worry if you missed the characters' dialog, we keep a history of it.

If you encounter a bug and Oozie disappears, you can always restart the level. If you get confused with all the Oozie's running around and want to clear them, simply exit the screen and come back.

#dobuki #webgame #davesdream #pointandclick #AdventureJam


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