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Travel this maze to explore the collection of Ludum Dare games, play LD games, and look for yours!

You start at a random location, so you could end up inside a wall. If that happens, just type in the location on the top left. (like 100,100) to go somewhere else.

This is a good way to visualize games, because it gives you can see the high def screen shot and the link type (Web, PC, OS/X ect...) automatically and even figure out on which website it is hosted (Gamejolt, Newgrounds, itch.op, Dropbox...).

Note: This is NOT my LD29 entry. This is a project I did on the side reusing code for a game I never finished, and writing some script to extract the list of LD29 games.

For more details about Ludum Dare, check out: Ludum Dare 29

Ludum Maze's source code is available at: